Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Security Startup Bullies GRSec!

No, not really (read the comments). But Tom Ptacek has been kind enough to centralize the CitySec thing, complete with spiffy message boards.

We minor, but we could be major, if only you would vote on the May meetup location! It's up to you to wrest GRSec from the clutches of mid-size, mid-western metropolitan obscurity and put us on the map with other great cities like South Carolina!


Douglas said...
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Stuart Berman said...

We need to get on the CitySec map! How about Flanagan's or J. Gardella's? (Never been to either but isn't that the point?)

PaulM said...

While I'd definitely like to try both places - I hear Gardella's has an amazing turkey burger - the construction on 131 makes getting downtown a royal pain for some.