Tuesday, May 8, 2007

May GRSec: Vote the Locale

The May GRSec Meetup will be Wednesday, May 23rd from 5:30pm until whenever.

But where, oh, where should we have this meetup? The goal is to pick a spot with good food and a nice beverage selection. As the weather improves, the patio plays a crucial role also. Please post a comment with your suggestion(s).


PaulM said...

OK, I'm going to put my money where the beer goes or something to that effect. I'm fond of Grand Rapids Brewing Co., and seriously, it has nothing to do with the fact that it's on my way home and I have a personalized mug behind the bar.

Douglas said...

I'm comfortable with GR Brewing Co and carry their card too. Another nearby establishment with over 100 different brews is the Old Chicago restaurant on the NW corner of 28th Street and East Beltline in Kentwood. Visit http://www.oldchicago.com for details.

Douglas said...

I wanted to add that New Holland Brewing just added a new Scotch Ale yesterday called Uncle Heavy that is only on tap. I like to visit the Holland farmer's market and stop by the pub for lunch afterwards.