Wednesday, February 28, 2007

March Meetup?

Here's your opportunity to be heard on where/when/if we meet in March.

I'm thinking Wednesday, March 21st for the next meetup. It'd be cool to pick a new spot to meet, but I have no objection to a repeat of GRBC, either. But with St. Patrick's Day the week before, I don't know how much demand there will be for a meetup. So please tell me.

Would you attend a meetup in March?
What week nights work best for you?
Where's a good place to meet (good beer, good food, big tables, etc.)? Please assume lousy weather.

Please respond in comments.


sean said...

I'm in for a march meet-up. I think Wednesday works well, its a nice mid-week break. But I'm not opposed to switching days. As for places we could look downtown.

- Black rose
- The BOB (second floor)
- McFadden's

All of the above have pretty good food and drink.

Stuart Berman said...

Sounds good to me, too.
Looking forward to attending

Douglas Rehfeldt said...

I'm can't do Thursday's or anytime during normal business hours (8-5). Like Sean said, Wednesday is a good mid-week break. I prefer any establishment that sells craft
, whether a brewpub or a place like Old Chicago on the NW corner of 28th and the Beltline.

This is somewhat off-topic, but for those Michigander craft beer lover's there will be a book signing on March 17 of "Michigan Breweies" by Paul Ruschmann & Maryanne Nasiatka at DeRueze Gourmet Mkt., 3845 Rivertown Pkwy, Grandville, MI 49418 from 12-2PM. This place has a good selection of craft brews and imports. I like to combine geocaching with brewery visits and this book has provided me with some new places to explore.